Living in this world without being His Disciple, is like an unsharpened pencil:unsharpened pencilIn the end, it has no point!

Good News

Hi there my friend,

There was a time in my life when I was a self-centered, arrogant, self-righteous hypocrite. 

But Jesus forgave me and promised me eternal life.

I decided to follow Him and be His Disciple.


Now my purpose in life is to help other people find eternal life in Jesus and become His Disciple.

A brother in Jesus, Dave Alloway


You can...

free gift
...You can have the Free Gift of Eternal Life.

born again
...You can be Born Again, start a New Life and
have a New Family.

...You can have your Sins Forgiven.

You don’t have to...

not church building 
…You do not have to Keep the 10 Commandments.

 not church building
…You do not have to Tithe, or give money.

not church building

…You do not have to go to church.


But you must

not church building
…Believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead.

 not church building
…Confess Jesus as your Lord.

 not church building
…Turn away from your sins to Jesus.

Disciple Training is not a church.
We are not affiliated with any denomination
or religious organization.
Our purpose is to encourage members of the Body of Christ
to become Fully Trained Disciples of Jesus.

Our purpose is to encourage members

of the Body of Christ to be His Disciples.


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