2 Thessalonians chapter 1
1:1-10. Paul certifies them of the good opinion which he had of their faith, love, and patience;
1:11-12. and therewithal uses divers reasons for the comforting of them in persecution, whereof the chief is taken from the righteous judgment of God.
2 Thessalonians chapter 2
2:1-2. Paul urges them to continue stedfast in the truth received;
2:3-8. shows that there shall be a departure from the faith,
2:9-14. and a discovery of Antichrist, before the day of the Lord come;
2:15-17. and thereupon repeats his former exhortation, and prays for them.
2 Thessalonians chapter 3
3:1-2. Paul craves their prayers for himself;
3:3-4. testifies what confidence he has in them;
3:5. makes request to God in their behalf;
3:6-15. gives them divers precepts, especially to shun idleness, and ill company;
3:16-18. and then concludes with prayer and salutation.