2 Timothy chapter 1
1:1-5. Paul's love to Timothy, and the unfeigned faith which was in Timothy himself, his mother, and grandmother.
1:6-7. He is exhorted to stir up the gift of God which was in him;
1:8-12. to be stedfast and patient in persecution;
1:13-14. and to persist in the form and truth of that doctrine which he had learned of him.
1:15-18. Phygellus and Hermogenes, and such like, are noted, and Onesiphorus is highly commended.
2 Timothy chapter 2
2:1-16. Timothy is exhorted again to constancy and perseverance, and to do the duty of a faithful servant of the Lord in dividing the word aright, and staying profane and vain babblings.
2:17-18. Of Hymenaeus and Philetus.
2:19-21. The foundation of the Lord is sure.
2:22-26. He is taught whereof to beware, and what to follow after, and in what manner the servant of the Lord ought to behave himself.
2 Timothy chapter 3
3:1-5. He advertises him of the times to come;
3:6-9. describes the enemies of the truth;
3:10-15. propounds unto him his own example;
3:16-17. and commends the holy scriptures;
2 Timothy chapter 4
4:1-5. He exhorts him to do his duty with all care and diligence;
4:6-8. certifies him of the nearness of his death;
4:9-13. wills him to come speedily unto him, and to bring Marcus with him, and certain things which he wrote for;
4:14-15. warns him to beware of Alexander the smith.
4:16-18. informs him what had befallen him at his first answering;
4:19-22. and soon after he concludes.