Colossians chapter 1
1:1-6. After salutation Paul thanks God for their faith;
1:7-8. confirms the doctrine of Epaphras;
1:9-13. prays further for their increase in grace;
1:14-20. describes the true Christ;
1:21-29. encourages them to receive Jesus Christ, and commends his own ministry.
Colossians chapter 2
2:1-7. Paul still exhorts them to be constant in Christ;
2:8-17. to beware of philosophy, and vain traditions;
2:18-19. worshipping of angels;
2:20-23. and legal ceremonies, which are ended in Christ.
Colossians chapter 3
3:1-4. He shows where we should seek Christ.
3:5-9. He exhorts to mortification;
3:10-11. to put off the old man, and put on Christ;
3:12-25. exhorting to charity, humility, and other several duties.
Colossians chapter 4
4:1-4. He exhorts them to be fervent in prayer;
4:5-9. to walk wisely toward them that are not yet come to the true knowledge of Christ.
4:10-18. He salutes them, and wishes them all prosperity.