Galatians chapter 1
1:1-7. He wonders that they have so soon left him and the gospel;
1:8-10. and accurses those that preach any other gospel than he did.
1:11-13. He learned the gospel not of men, but of God;
1:14-16. and shows what he was before his calling;
1:17-24. and what he did immediately after it.
Galatians chapter 2
2:1-2. He shows when he went up again to Jerusalem, and for what purpose;
2:3-10. and that Titus was not circumcised;
2:11-13. and that he resisted Peter, and told him the reason;
2:14-19. why he and others, being Jews, do believe in Christ to be justified by faith, and not by works;
2:20-21. and that they live not in sin, who are so justified.
Galatians chapter 3
3:1-5. He asks what moved them to leave the faith, and hang upon the law.
3:6-8. They that believe are justified,
3:9. and blessed with Abraham.
3:10-29. And this he shows by many reasons.
Galatians chapter 4
4:1-4. We were under the law till Christ came, as the heir is under the guardian till he be of age.
4:5-6. But Christ freed us from the law;
4:7-13. therefore we are servants no longer to it.
4:14-21. He remembers their good will to him, and his to them;
4:22-31. and shows that we are the sons of Abraham by the freewoman.
Galatians chapter 5
5:1-2. He wills them to stand in their liberty,
5:3-12. and not to observe circumcision;
5:13-18. but rather love, which is the sum of the law.
5:19-21. He reckons up the works of the flesh,
5:22-24. and the fruits of the Spirit,
5:25-26. and exhorts to walk in the Spirit.
Galatians chapter 6
6:1. He moves them to deal mildly with a brother that has slipped,
6:2-5. and to bear one another's burden;
6:6-8. to be liberal to their teachers,
6:9-11. and not weary of well-doing.
6:12-13. He shows what they intend that preach circumcision.
6:14-18. He glories in nothing, save in the cross of Christ.