Hebrews chapter 1
1:1-3. Christ in these last times coming to us from the Father,
1:4-14. is preferred above the angels, both in person and office.
Hebrews chapter 2
2:1-4. We ought to be obedient to Christ Jesus;
2:5-13. and that because he vouchsafed to take our nature upon him;
2:14-18. as it was necessary.
Hebrews chapter 3
3:1-6. Christ is more worthy than Moses;
3:7-19. therefore if we believe not in him, we shall be more worthy punishment than hardhearted Israel.
Hebrews chapter 4
4:1-11. The rest of Christians is attained by faith.
4:12-13. The power of God's word.
4:14-15. By our high priest Jesus, the Son of God,
4:16. we may and must go boldly to the throne of grace.
Hebrews chapter 5
5:1-10. The honour of our Saviour's priesthood.
5:11-14. Negligence in the knowledge thereof is reproved.
Hebrews chapter 6
6:1-10. He exhorts not to fall back from the faith;
6:11. but to be stedfast,
6:12. diligent, and patient to wait upon God;
6:13-20. because God is most sure in his promise.
Hebrews chapter 7
7:1-10. Christ Jesus is a priest after the order of Melchisedec;
7:11-28. and so far more excellent than the priests of Aaron's order.
Hebrews chapter 8
8:1-6. By the eternal priesthood of Christ the Levitical priesthood of Aaron is abolished;
8:7-13. and the temporal covenant with the fathers, by the eternal covenant of the Gospel.
Hebrews chapter 9
9:1-10. The description of the rites and bloody sacrifices of the law;
9:11-28. which are far inferior to the dignity and perfection of the blood and sacrifice of Christ.
Hebrews chapter 10
10:1-9. The weakness of the law sacrifices.
10:10-13. The sacrifice of Christ's body once offered,
10:14-18. for ever hath taken away sins.
10:19-39. An exhortation to hold fast the faith with patience and thanksgiving.
Hebrews chapter 11
11:1-5. What faith is.
11:6. Without faith we cannot please God.
11:7-40. The worthy fruits thereof in the fathers of old time.
Hebrews chapter 12
12:1-21. An exhortation to constant faith, patience, and godliness.
12:22-29. A commendation of the new testament above the old.
Hebrews chapter 13
13:1-3. Divers admonitions as to charity;
13:4. to honest life;
13:5-6. to avoid covetousness;
13:7-8. to regard God's preachers;
13:9. to take heed of strange doctrines;
13:10-15. to confess Christ;
13:16. to give alms;
13:17. to obey governors;
13:18-19. to pray for the apostles.
13:20-25. The conclusion.