Romans chapter 1
1:1-8. Paul commends his calling to the Romans;
1:9-15. and his desire to come to them.
1:16-17. What his gospel is.
1:18-20. God is angry with sin.
1:21-32. What were the sins of the gentiles.
Romans chapter 2
2:1-5. No excuse for sin.
2:6-13. No escape from judgment.
2:14-16. Gentiles cannot;
2:17-29. nor Jews.
Romans chapter 3
3:1-2. The Jews' prerogative;
3:3-8. which they have not lost;
3:9-19. howbeit the law convinces them also of sin;
3:20-27. therefore no flesh is justified by the law;
3:28-30. but all, without difference, by faith, only;
3:31. and yet the law is not abolished.
Romans chapter 4
4:1-9. Abraham's faith was imputed to him for righteousness;
4:10-12. before he was circumcised.
4:13-15. By faith only he and his seed received the promise.
4:16-23. Abraham is the father of all that believe.
4:24-25. Our faith also shall be imputed to us for righteousness.
Romans chapter 5
5:1. Being justified by faith, we have peace with God;
5:2-7. and joy in our hope;
5:8-9. that since we were reconciled by his blood, when we were enemies;
5:10-11. we shall much more be saved, being reconciled.
5:12-16. As sin and death came by Adam;
5:17-19. so much more righteousness and life by Jesus Christ.
5:20-21. Where sin abounded, grace did superabound.
Romans chapter 6
6:1. We may not live in sin;
6:2. for we are dead unto it;
6:3-11. as appears by our baptism.
6:12-17. Let not sin reign any more;
6:18-22. because we have yielded ourselves to the service of righteousness;
6:23. and for that death is the wages of sin.
Romans chapter 7
7:1-3. No law hath power over a man longer than he lives.
7:4-6. But we are dead to the law.
7:7-11. Yet is not the law sin;
7:12-15. but holy, just and good;
7:16-25. as I acknowledge, who am grieved because I cannot keep it.
Romans chapter 8
8:1-4. They that are in Christ, are free from condemnation.
8:5-12. What harm comes of the flesh;
8:13-18. and what good of the Spirit.
8:19-28. The glorious deliverance all things long for,
8:29-37. was beforehand decreed from God.
8:38-39. Nothing can sever us from his love.
Romans chapter 9
9:1-6. Paul is sorry for the Jews.
9:7-17. All of Abraham not of the promise.
9:18-24. God's sovereignty.
9:25-31. The calling of the Gentiles and rejecting of the Jews, foretold.
9:32-33. The cause of the Jews' stumbling.
Romans chapter 10
10:1-10. The Scripture shows the difference between the righteousness of the law, and that of faith;
10:11-17. and that all, both Jew and Gentile, that believe, shall not be confounded;
10:18. and that the Gentiles shall receive the word and believe.
10:19-21. Israel was not ignorant of these things.
Romans chapter 11
11:1-6. God has not cast off all Israel.
11:7-15. Some were elected, though the rest were hardened.
11:16-17. There is hope of their conversion.
11:18-25. The Gentiles may not exult over them;
11:26-32. for there is a promise of their salvation.
11:33-36. God's judgments are unsearchable.
Romans chapter 12
12:1-2. God's mercies must move us to please God.
12:3-5. No man must think too well of himself;
12:6-8. but everyone attend on that calling wherein he is placed.
12:9-18. Love, and many other duties are required of us.
12:19-21. Revenge is especially forbidden.
Romans chapter 13
13:1-7. Subjection, and many other duties, we owe to the magistrates.
13:8-10. Love is the fulfilling of the law.
13:11-14. Gluttony and drunkenness, and the works of darkness, are out of season in the time of the Gospel.
Romans chapter 14
14:1-12. Men may not contemn nor condemn one another for things indifferent;
14:13-14. but take heed that they give no offence in them;
14:15-23. which the apostle proves unlawful by many reasons.
Romans chapter 15
15:1. The strong must bear with the weak.
15:2. We must not please ourselves;
15:3-6. for Christ did not so;
15:7. but receive one another, as Christ did us all;
15:8-14. both Jews and Gentiles;
15:15-27. Paul excuses his writing;
15:28-29. and promises to see them;
15:30-33. and requests their prayers.
Romans chapter 16
16:1-16. Paul wills the brethren to greet many;
16:17-20. and advises them to take heed of those which cause dissension and offences;
16:21-27. and after sundry salutations ends with praise and thanks to God.