Habakkuk chapter 1
1:1-4. Unto Habakkuk, complaining of the iniquity of the land,
1:5-11. is shewn the fearful vengeance by the Chaldeans.
1:12-17. He complains that vengeance should be executed by them who are far worse.
Habakkuk chapter 2
2:1-4. Unto Habakkuk, waiting for an answer, is shewn that he must wait by faith.
2:5-8. The judgment upon the Chaldean for unsatiableness,
2:9-11. for covetousness,
2:12-14. for cruelty,
2:15-17. for drunkenness,
2:18-20. and for idolatry.
Habakkuk chapter 3
3:1-16. Habakkuk, in his prayer, trembles at God's majesty.
3:17-19. The confidence of his faith.