Malachi chapter 1
1:1. Malachi complains of Israel's unkindness;
1:2-14. of their irreligiousness and profaneness.
Malachi chapter 2
2:1-9. He sharply reproves the priests for neglecting their covenant;
2:10-12. and the people for marrying strange wives;
2:13-16. and for putting away their former ones,
2:17. and for infidelity.
Malachi chapter 3
3:1-6. Of the messenger, majesty, and grace of Christ.
3:7. Of the rebellion,
3:8-12. sacrilege,
3:13-15. and infidelity of the people.
3:16-18. The promise of blessing to them that fear God.
Malachi chapter 4
4:1. God's judgment on the wicked;
4:2-3. and his blessing on the good.
4:4. He exhorts to the study of the law;
4:5-6. and tells of Elijah's coming and office.