John chapter 1
1:1-14. The divinity, humanity, office, and incarnation of Jesus Christ.
1:15-38. The testimony of John.
1:39-51. The calling of Andrew, Peter, etc.
John chapter 2
2:1-11. Christ turns water into wine;
2:12. departs into Capernaum,
2:13. and to Jerusalem,
2:14-17. where he purges the temple of buyers and sellers.
2:18-22. He foretells his death and resurrection.
2:23-25. Many believe because of his miracles, but he will not trust himself with them.
John chapter 3
3:1-13. Christ teaches Nicodemus the necessity of regeneration,
3:14-15. of faith in his death,
3:16-17. the great love of God towards the world,
3:18-21. and the condemnation for unbelief.
3:22. Jesus baptizes in Judea.
3:23-36. The baptism, witness, and doctrine of John concerning Christ.
John chapter 4
4:1-26. Christ talks with a woman of Samaria, and reveals himself unto her.
4:27-30. His disciples marvel.
4:31-38. He declares to them his zeal for God's glory.
4:39-42. Many Samaritans believe on him.
4:43-54. He departs into Galilee, and heals the ruler's son that lay sick at Capernaum.
John chapter 5
5:1-9. Jesus on the sabbath day cures him that was diseased eight and thirty years.
5:10-16. The Jews therefore cavil, and persecute him for it.
5:17-30. He answers for himself, and reproves them, shewing by the testimony of his Father,
5:31-35. of John,
5:36-38. of his works,
5:39-47. and of the scriptures, who he is.
John chapter 6
6:1-14. Christ feeds five thousand men with five loaves and two fishes.
6:15. Thereupon the people would have made him king;
6:16-25. but withdrawing himself, he walks on the sea to his disciples;
6:26-31. reproves the people flocking after him, and all the fleshly hearers of his word;
6:32-65. declares himself to be the bread of life to believers.
6:66-67. Many disciples depart from him.
6:68-69. Peter confesses him.
6:70-71. Judas is a devil.
John chapter 7
7:1-9. Jesus reproves the ambition and boldness of his kinsmen;
7:10-13. goes up from Galilee to the feast of tabernacles;
7:14-39. teaches in the temple.
7:40-44. Divers opinions of him among the people.
7:45-53. The Pharisees are angry that their officers took him not, and chide with Nicodemus for taking his part.
John chapter 8
8:1-11. Christ delivers the woman taken in adultery.
8:12-30. He declares himself the light of the world, and justifies his doctrine;
8:31-32. promises freedom to those who believe;
8:33-47. answers the Jews that boasted of Abraham;
8:48-58. answers their reviling, by shewing his authority and dignity;
8:59. and conveys himself from their cruelty.
John chapter 9
9:1-7. The man that was born blind restored to sight.
9:8-12. He is brought to the Pharisees.
9:13-34. They are offended at it, and excommunicate him;
9:35-38. but he is received of Jesus, and confesses him.
9:39-41. Who they are whom Christ enlightens.
John chapter 10
10:1-18. Christ is the door, and the good shepherd.
10:19-22. Divers opinions of him.
10:23-30. He proves by his works that he is Christ the Son of God;
10:31-38. escapes the Jews;
10:39-42. and goes again beyond Jordan, where many believe on him.
John chapter 11
11:1-44. Christ raises Lazarus, four days buried.
11:45-46. Many Jews believe.
11:47-48. The high priests and Pharisees gather a council against Christ.
11:49-53. Caiaphas prophesies.
11:54. Jesus hides himself.
11:55-57. At the passover they inquire after him, and lay wait for him.
John chapter 12
12:1-8. Jesus excuses Mary anointing his feet.
12:9. The people flock to see Lazarus.
12:10-11. The chief priests consult to kill him.
12:12-19. Christ rides into Jerusalem.
12:20-22. Greeks desire to see Jesus.
12:23-36. He foretells his death.
12:37-41. The Jews are generally blinded;
12:42-43. yet many chief rulers believe, but do not confess him;
12:44-50. therefore Jesus calls earnestly for confession of faith.
John chapter 13
13:1-17. Jesus washes the disciples' feet, and exhorts them to humility and charity.
13:18-30. He foretells and discovers to John by a token, that Judas should betray him;
13:31-35. commands them to love one another;
13:36-38. and forewarns Peter of his denials.
John chapter 14
14:1-4. Christ comforts his disciples with the hope of heaven;
14:5-12. professes himself the way, the truth, and the life, and one with the Father;
14:13-14. assures their prayers to be effectual;
14:15. requires obedience;
14:16-26. promises the Comforter;
14:27-31. and leaves his peace with them.
John chapter 15
15:1-17. The union of Christ and his members shown under the parable of a vine.
15:18-25. The hatred of the world.
15:26-27. The office of the Holy Ghost.
John chapter 16
16:1-22. Christ comforts his disciples by the promise of the Holy Ghost, and his ascension;
16:23-32. assures their prayers made in his name to be acceptable.
16:33. Peace in Christ, and in the world affliction.
John chapter 17
17:1-26. Christ prays to his Father.
John chapter 18
18:1-5. Judas betrays Jesus.
18:6-9. The officers fall to the ground.
18:10-11. Peter smites off Malchus' ear.
18:12-14. Jesus is taken, and led unto Annas and Caiaphas.
18:15-18. Peter's denial.
18:19-24. Jesus examined before Caiaphas.
18:25-27. Peter's second and third denial.
18:28-35. Jesus arraigned before Pilate.
18:36-39. His kingdom.
18:40. The Jews prefer Barabbas.
John chapter 19
19:1-3. Christ is scourged, crowned with thorns, and beaten.
19:4-22. Pilate is desirous to release him, but being overcome with the outrage of the Jews, he delivers him to be crucified.
19:23-24. They cast lots for his garments.
19:25-27. He commends his mother to John.
19:28-30. He dies.
19:31-37. His side is pierced.
19:38-42. He is buried by Joseph and Nicodemus.
John chapter 20
20:1-2. Mary comes to the sepulchre;
20:3-10. so do Peter and John, ignorant of the resurrection.
20:11-18. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene,
20:19-23. and to his disciples.
20:24-29. The incredulity and confession of Thomas.
20:30-31. The Scripture is sufficient to salvation.
John chapter 21
21:1-11. Christ appearing again to his disciples is known of them by the great draught of fishes.
21:12-14. He dines with them;
21:15-17. earnestly commands Peter to feed his lambs and sheep;
21:18-21. foretells him of his death;
21:22-23. rebukes his curiosity touching John.
21:24-25. The conclusion.