Matthew chapter 1
1:1-17. The genealogy of Christ from Abraham to Joseph.
1:18. He is miraculously conceived of the Holy Ghost by the Virgin Mary, when she was espoused to Joseph.
1:19-25. The angel satisfies the doubts of Joseph, and declares the names and office of Christ: Jesus is born.
Matthew chapter 2
2:1-2. The wise men from the east inquire after Christ;
2:3-8. at which Herod is alarmed.
2:9-12. They are directed by a star to Bethlehem, worship him, and offer their presents.
2:13-15. Joseph flees into Egypt with Jesus and his mother.
2:16-19. Herod slays the children;
2:20-22. himself dies.
2:23. Christ is brought back again into Galilee to Nazareth.
Matthew chapter 3
3:1-6. John preaches: his office, life, and baptism.
3:7-12. He reprehends the Pharisees,
3:13-17. and baptizes Christ in Jordan.
Matthew chapter 4
4:1-11. Christ, fasting forty days, is tempted of the devil and ministered unto by angels.
4:12-16. He dwells in Capernaum;
4:17. begins to preach;
4:18-20. calls Peter and Andrew,
4:21-22. James and John;
4:23-25. teaches and heals all the diseased.
Matthew chapter 5
5:1-2. Christ's sermon on the mount.
5:3-12. Who are blessed;
5:13. the salt of the earth;
5:14-16. the light of the world.
5:17-20. He came to fulfil the law.
5:21-26. What it is to kill;
5:27-32. to commit adultery;
5:33-37. to swear.
5:38-42. He exhorts to suffer wrong,
5:43-47. to love our enemies;
5:48. and to labour after perfection.
Matthew chapter 6
6:1-32. Christ continues his sermon on the mount, exhorting not to be careful for worldly things,
6:33-34. but to seek God's kingdom.
Matthew chapter 7
7:1-27. Christ, continuing his sermon on the mount, reproves rash judgment, etc.
7:28-29. Christ ends his sermon, and the people are astonished.
Matthew chapter 8
8:1-4. Christ cleanses the leper;
8:5-13. heals the centurion's servant,
8:14-15. Peter's mother in law,
8:16-17. and many other diseased;
8:18-22. shows how he is to be followed;
8:23-27. stills the tempest on the sea;
8:28-30. drives the devils out of two men possessed;
8:31-34. and suffers them to go into the swine.
Matthew chapter 9
9:1-8. Christ cures one sick of the palsy;
9:9. calls Matthew from the receipt of custom;
9:10-13. eats with publicans and sinners;
9:14-19. defends his disciples for not fasting;
9:20-22. cures the bloody issue;
9:23-26. raises from death Jairus' daughter;
9:27-31. gives sight to two blind men;
9:32-35. heals a dumb man possessed of a devil;
9:36-38. and has compassion on the multitude.
Matthew chapter 10
10:1-4. Christ sends out his twelve apostles, enabling them with power to do miracles;
10:5-15. giving them their charge, teaches them;
10:16-39. comforts them against persecutions;
10:40-42. and promises a blessing to those that receive them.
Matthew chapter 11
11:1-6. John sends his disciples to Christ.
11:7-15. Christ's testimony concerning John.
11:16-19. The perverse judgment of the people.
11:20-24. Christ upbraids Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum;
11:25-27. and praising his Father's wisdom in revealing the Gospel to the simple,
11:28-30. he calls to him all such as feel the burden of their sins.
Matthew chapter 12
12:1-2. Christ reproves the blindness of the Pharisees concerning the breach of the sabbath,
12:3-8. by scripture,
12:9-12. by reason,
12:13-21. and by a miracle.
12:22-23. He heals a man possessed that was blind and dumb;
12:24-35. and confuting the absurd charge of casting out devils by Beelzebub, he shows that blasphemy against the Holy Ghost shall never be forgiven.
12:36-37. Account shall be made of idle words.
12:38-45. He rebukes the unfaithful, who seek after a sign,
12:46-50. and shows who is his brother, sister, and mother.
Matthew chapter 13
13:1-17. The parable of the sower and the seed;
13:18-23. the exposition of it.
13:24-30. The parable of the tares;
13:31-32. of the mustard seed;
13:33-35. of the leaven;
13:36-43. exposition of the parable of the tares.
13:44. The parable of the hidden treasure;
13:45-46. of the pearl;
13:47-52. of the drag net cast into the sea.
13:53-58. Christ is contemned of his own countrymen.
Matthew chapter 14
14:1-2. Herod's opinion of Christ.
14:3-12. Wherefore John Baptist was beheaded.
14:13-14. Jesus departs into a desert place,
14:15-21. where he feeds five thousand men with five loves and two fishes.
14:22-33. He walks on the sea to his disciples;
14:34-36. and landing at Gennesaret, heals the sick by the touch of the hem of his garment.
Matthew chapter 15
15:1-9. Christ reproves the Scribes and Pharisees for transgressing God's commandments through their own traditions;
15:10-20. teaches how that which goes into the mouth does not defile a man.
15:21-28. He heals the daughter of the woman of Canaan,
15:29-31. and other great multitudes;
15:32-39. and with seven loaves and a few little fishes feeds four thousand men, beside women and children.
Matthew chapter 16
16:1-4. The Pharisees require a sign.
16:5-12. Jesus warns his disciples of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees.
16:13-15. The people's opinion of Christ,
16:16-20. and Peter's confession of him.
16:21-22. Jesus foretells his death;
16:23. reproves Peter for dissuading him from it;
16:24-28. and admonishes those that will follow him, to bear the cross.
Matthew chapter 17
17:1-13. The transfiguration of Christ.
17:14-21. He heals the lunatic,
17:22-23. foretells his own passion,
17:24-27. and pays tribute.
Matthew chapter 18
18:1-6. Christ warns his disciples to be humble and harmless,
18:7-9. to avoid offences,
18:10-14. and not to despise the little ones;
18:15-20. teaches how we are to deal with our brethren when they offend us,
18:21-22. and how oft to forgive them;
18:23-31. which he sets forth by a parable of the king that took account of his servants,
18:32-35. and punished him who shewed no mercy to his fellow.
Matthew chapter 19
19:1-2. Christ heals the sick;
19:3-9. answers the Pharisees concerning divorcement;
19:10-12. shows when marriage is necessary;
19:13-15. receives little children;
19:16-19. instructs the young man how to attain eternal life;
19:20-22. and how to be perfect;
19:23-26. tells his disciples how hard it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God;
19:27-30. and promises reward to those that forsake any thing to follow him.
Matthew chapter 20
20:1-16. Christ, by the similitude of the labourers in the vineyard, shows that God is debtor unto no man;
20:17-19. foretells his passion;
20:20-28. by answering the mother of Zebedee's children, teaches his disciples to be lowly;
20:29-34. and gives two blind men their sight.
Matthew chapter 21
21:1-11. Christ rides into Jerusalem upon an ass;
21:12-16. drives the buyers and sellers out of the temple;
21:17-22. curses the fig-tree;
21:23-27. puts to silence the priests and elders,
21:28-32. and rebukes them by the similitude of the two sons,
21:33-46. and the husbandmen who slew such as were sent to them.
Matthew chapter 22
22:1-8. The parable of the marriage of the king's son.
22:9-11. The vocation of the Gentiles.
22:12-14. The punishment of him that wanted the wedding garment.
22:15-22. Tribute ought to be paid to Caesar.
22:23-33. Christ confutes the Sadducees for the resurrection;
22:34-40. answers the lawyer, which is the first and great commandment;
22:41-46. and puzzles the Pharisees by a question about the Messias.
Matthew chapter 23
23:1-4. Christ admonishes the people to follow the good doctrine, not the evil examples, of the Scribes and Pharisees.
23:5-12. His disciples must beware of their ambition.
23:13-33. He denounces eight woes against their hypocrisy and blindness,
23:34-39. and prophesies of the destruction of Jerusalem.
Matthew chapter 24
24:1-2. Christ foretells the destruction of the temple;
24:3-28. what and how great calamities shall be before it;
24:29-35. the signs of his coming to judgment.
24:36-41. And because that day and hour are unknown,
24:42-51. we ought to watch like good servants, expecting every moment our Master's coming.
Matthew chapter 25
25:1-13. The parable of the ten virgins,
25:14-30. and of the talents.
25:31-46. Also the description of the last judgment.
Matthew chapter 26
26:1-2. Christ foretells his own death.
26:3-5. The rulers conspire against him.
26:6-13. The woman anoints his feet.
26:14-16. Judas bargains to betray him.
26:17-25. Christ eats the passover;
26:26-29. institutes his holy supper;
26:30-35. foretells the desertion of his disciples, and Peter's denial;
26:36-46. prays in the garden;
26:47-56. and being betrayed by a kiss,
26:57-68. is carried to Caiaphas,
26:69-75. and denied of Peter.
Matthew chapter 27
27:1-2. Christ is delivered bound to Pilate.
27:3-18. Judas hangs himself.
27:19. Pilate, admonished of his wife,
27:20-26. and being urged by the multitude, washes his hands, and looses Barabbas.
27:27-32. Christ is mocked and crowned with thorns;
27:33-38. crucified;
27:39-49. reviled;
27:50-61. dies, and is buried;
27:62-66. his sepulchre is sealed and watched.
Matthew chapter 28
28:1-8. Christ's resurrection is declared by an angel to the women.
28:9-10. He himself appears unto them.
28:11-15. The chief priests give the soldiers money to say that he was stolen out of his sepulchre.
28:16-17. Christ appears to his disciples,
28:18-20. and sends them to baptize and teach all nations.