true disciple

Day 1

Matthew 28:18-20

What did Jesus command in this passage?

Go make Disciples everywhere until the end.

What is the Requirement for a person to become a disciple!

Be baptized and learn to obey all that Jesus commanded.

Are you willing?

Are you willing to be a true disciple of Jesus?

Day 2

John 8:31-32

What is the Promise?

Truly being His disciple!

What is the Result of continuing in His Word?

Knowing the Truth, and being Free!

Day 3

Luke 6:40-41

What is the Promise?

You can become like Jesus, who is your teacher!

What is the Requirement!

To become fully trained, you must get all planks or logs out of your eyes.

What is the Consequence?

You will be able to see clearly, and you will become like Jesus.

What do you really want?

Do you want to become like Jesus?

Day 4

Acts 19:1-5

What was the Question?

Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you were baptized?

The Problem

They had not even heard of the Holy Spirit.

How did they respond?

They were baptized a second time, but in the name of Jesus.

The Expectation!

If you have not received the Holy Spirit, be baptized in the Name of Jesus.

What is the Reward?

If you are baptized in the name of Jesus, you will receive the Holy Spirit!

Day 5

Acts 11:27-30

What was the Problem?

There was a famine.

How did the disciples respond to the famine?

Then the disciples determined to send relief to the brethren in Judea.

What is Expected of Us?

Help your brothers and sisters who are in need.

Day 6

John 13:34

What is the Command?

That you love other disciples.
(In fact we must love everyone, including; our spouse, parents, children, neighbors, and enemies.)

What do you want?

Do you want to love others?

Day 7

John 13:35

What is the Fact?

If you love everyone, everyone will know that you are His disciple.

What will this Prove?

That you really are His Disciple!

What do you want?

Do you want to be His disciple and love everyone?