The Philippian Jailer Is Baptized

Acts 16:25-34

  1. At what time of the night were Paul and Silas praying and singing? 16:25
  2. What suddenly happened? 16:26
  3. When the keeper of the prison awoke, what was he going to do? 16:27
  4. What did Paul tell him not to do? 16:28
  5. `What did the jailer do? 16:29
  6. When he brought Paul and Silas out, what did he ask them? 16:30
  7. How did they answer him? 16:31
  8. Who did Paul and Silas speak the word of the Lord to? 16:32
  9. When were the Jailer and his family baptized? 16:33
  10. How does this story end? 16:34