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About 3,000 People Were Baptized On The Day Of Pentecost

Acts 2:36-43

  1. Who did Peter say that God has made Jesus to be? 2:36
  2. What did Peter tell the Jews that they had done to Jesus, the Christ? 2:36
  3. When they heard this, what did it do to their hearts? 2:37
  4. What did they ask Peter? 2:37
  5. If they would repent and be baptized, what would happen to their sins? 2:38
  6. If they would repent and be baptized, what promise would they receive? 2:38
  7. Who is the promise of the Holy Spirit to? 2:39
  8. What did Peter tell them to be saved from? 2:40
  9. How many souls believed and were baptized that day? 2:41
  10. What four things did they continue steadfastly, to devote themselves to? 2:42-43