Genesis chapter 22:1-18

God Tests Abraham

  1. What did he tell Abraham to do? Genesis 22:2
  2. What did Abraham do? Genesis 22:3
  3. What did he see? Genesis 22:4
  4. What did Abraham say to the young men? Genesis 22:5
  5. When Abraham took the wood and the knife, what did Isaac ask him? Genesis 22:6-7
  6. How did Abraham answer? Genesis 22:8
  7. When they came to the place of which God had told them, why did Abraham stretch out his hand with the knife? Genesis 22:9-10
  8. What did God do after these things? Genesis 22:1
  9. Why did the Lord stop Abraham from offering Isasc? Genesis 22:12
  10. When Abraham lifted his eyes, what did he see, and what did he do? Genesis 22:13
  11. What did Abraham call that place? Genesis 22:14
  12. Who called to Abraham a second time? Genesis 22:15
  13. What did the Angel say? Genesis 22:16
  14. Who called to him from heaven, and what did he say? Genesis 22:11