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Exodus chapter 34:27-35

And he wrote on the tablets the "WORDS OF THE COVENANT, 'THE TEN COMMANDMENTS'".

  1. What did God tell Moses to write? 34:27
  2. Who had God made a covenant with? 34:27
  3. How long was Moses there with the LORD? 34:28
  4. While he was there, what did he eat and drink? 34:28
  5. What were the words of the covenant that God wrote on the tablets? 34:28
  6. What were in Moses' hands when he came down from the mountain? 34:29
  7. How did his the skin of his face appear? 34:29
  8. What were Aaron and all the children of Israel afraid to do? 34:30
  9. When Moses called to them, what did Aaron and all the rulers of the congregation do? 34:31
  10. Who came afterward? 34:32
  11. What did Moses when he finished speaking with them? 34:33
  12. What did Moses do with his veil when he spoke with the Lord? 34:34
  13. What did Moses tell the people? 34:34
  14. What did Moses' face do? 34:35