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Genesis chapter 5:32-6:8

The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually

  1. How old was Noah when he fathered three sons? 5:32
  2. Who were the names of Noah's three sons? 5:32
  3. Who did the sons of God take for wives? 6:2
  4. What did God say about man? 6:3
  5. Who was on the earth in those days? 6:4
  6. What did the giants do? 6:4
  7. How great was the wickedness of man? 6:5
  8. How did God feel about the wickedness of man? Gensis 6:6
  9. What did God say that He was going to do? 6:7
  10. Who found grace in the eyes of the Lord? 6:8

Genesis chapter 6:9-12

Noah Walked with God

  1. How did God describe Noah? 6:9
  2. What were the names of Noah's sons? 6:10
  3. How did God describe earth? 6:11
  4. What had all flesh done? 6:12

Genesis chapter 6:13-22

God's Covenant with Noah

  1. What did God say to Noah? 6:13
  2. What were Noah's instructions? 6:14-17
  3. What did God establish with Noah? 6:18
  4. Who did God say would go into the ark? 6:18
  5. What animals were to go into the ark? 6:19-20
  6. What were they to gather? 6:21
  7. What did Noah do? 6:22