Genesis chapter 8:1-12

Then God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the animals that were with him in the ark

  1. Who did God remember? Genesis 8:1
  2. What did God do then? Genesis 8:1-2
  3. When did the water recede? Genesis 8:3
  4. When and where did the ark rest? Genesis 8:4
  5. How long did the waters continue to decrease? Genesis 8:5
  6. When were the tops of the mountains seen? Genesis 8:5
  7. After 40 days, what did Noah do? 8:6
  8. How long did the raven go to and fro? Genesis 8:7
  9. Why did Noah send the dove out? Genesis 8:8
  10. When the dove returned to the ark, what did Noah do? Genesis 8:9
  11. How long did Noah wait to send out the dove again? Genesis 8:10
  12. When the dove returned, what did it have in her mouth? Genesis 8:11
  13. After Noah sent the dove out the third time, what happened? Genesis 8:12

Genesis chapter 8:13-19

So Noah went out, and his sons and his wife and his sons' wives with him

  1. When did the waters dry up? Genesis 8:13-14
  2. What did God say to Noah? Genesis 8:15,Genesis 8:17
  3. What did Noah and all the animals do? Genesis 8:18-19

Genesis chapter 8:20-22

The Promise of Seed Time & Harvest Promised

  1. What did Noah build to the Lord, and what did he do then? Genesis 8:20
  2. When Noah's offering was a soothing aroma, what did the Lord He would never do again? Genesis 8:21
  3. What did He say about man's heart? Genesis 8:21
  4. What did the Lord say in His heart? Genesis 8:21-22