Adam and Eve: The First Man and Woman
Cain and Abel: Cain kills Able - the first murder
Noah: Builds the Ark
Abraham: The father of Many Nations
Sarah: The Mother of Isaac
Isaac: Abraham’s Long-Awaited Son
Rebekah: Isaac’s Bride
Jacob and Esau: Jacob gets his brothers' birthright
Jacob (Israel): The Father of the 12 Tribes of Israel: Tip Children of Israel!
Joseph: From a Slave to an Egyptian Official


Moses: The Leader of the Israelites
Joshua: The New Moses
The Only Female Judge
Joshua: The New Moses
Gideon: Reluctant to serve
Samson: Born with Supernatural Strenght
Samuel: A Promised Child
Ruth: A Loyal Daughter-in Law
Saul: The First King
David: The Great Leader of Israel
Solomon: The Wise King who became foolish
Job: Tested by God
Rehoboam: A Harsh Leader
Ahab and Elijah: A Battle Before God
Joash: A Child Ruler
Jonah: The one Who Reluctantly obeyed God
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego: In the Fiery Furnace
Daniel: A Man with Dreams and Visions
Esther: A Jewish Queen
Ezra and Nehemiah: A Scribe and a Governor